Carmelina Capital Partners | How We Work With You
Business Partner, Kevin O'Malley, Troy Smildzins, Private Equity
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How We Work With You

Working Together To Accelerate Growth

Carmelina is a true business partner. We will help when and where you need us, and commit the full resources of our firm and extended network toward realizing your vision.
Strategic Planning

We bring a new perspective to strategic planning and help you focus on real drivers of growth.

Operational and Organizational Development

We have the experience and network to help implement your strategy with the right people, systems, and resources.


We can help you source, evaluate, and execute strategic add-on acquisitions.

Access To Resources

You have immediate and full access to our broad professional network of executives, customers, service providers, and financing alternatives.

Balance Sheet Optimization

Our experience and professional network can help your company build and measure the right balance sheet for accelerated growth.


Our team is your team. We work with you to analyze new markets, business lines, products, or strategic direction.

We Succeed Together

Partnerships are all about aligned incentives and shared visions of success. We work with you to do what is right for your business through the life of our partnership.
Discretion and Confidentiality

We are committed to executing transactions with discretion and minimal disruption to your business.

Preservation of Company Culture

We support your vision and provide the necessary resources to maximize your company’s potential. Our mission is to preserve the core elements of your success while accelerating value creation.

Flexibility in Transaction Structure

We want to find the optimal transaction structure for each unique partnership. We are equally comfortable in minority or majority investment positions.

To Learn More About Working Together, Please Get in Touch with Us