Investment Strategy
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Investment Strategy

How We Are Different

Carmelina listens carefully to our partners’ business needs, seeks to understand their objectives and provides
flexible and creative capital solutions to achieve their vision.
  • True Business Partner Approach

  • Minimally Disruptive Process with Fair Transaction Value

  • Flexible Transaction Structures

  • Provide Wherewithal to Enable Growth

  • Preservation of Cultural Identity

  • Real, Tangible Growth Drives ROI

  • Deal-by-Deal Mentality

  • Invasive Process with Risk of Price Re-trade

  • Rigid Transaction Structures

  • Rely on Constraining Levels of Debt

  • Cultural Identity Secondary to Institutionalization

  • Financially Engineered Returns

Typical Partner Profile

Carmelina primarily focuses on businesses with the following attributes:
Founder-Led Business

We aim to partner with founders seeking to maximize the potential of their business and achieve their vision

Leader in an Industry

We only partner with the very best – leading, differentiated companies that are outperforming the competition

Scalable Business Model

We seek companies with sustainable, portable and truly differentiated competitive advantages that can drive growth

Good People

We only work with founders and management teams that exhibit the highest levels of integrity and are genuinely excited to take their business to the next level

Strong Financial Profile

We typically invest in companies generating revenue from $20 to $150 million and EBITDA from $4 to $15 million. Our partners are primarily scaled, cash-generative businesses with healthy margins, favorable working capital dynamics and a history of growth

Flexible Partnerships

We typically seek to purchase between 30% and 70% of a company, with management retaining a significant stake in the business to create a true win-together mentality

To Learn More About Working Together, Please Contact Us