Carmelina Capital Partners | Partner Companies
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Partner Companies

Our Partner Companies

Our team has partnered with companies and business owners across a broad range of industries.
Select representative investments include:

Florachem is a leading global provider of citrus, pine and other plant-based ingredients for applications across the flavor and fragrance, coatings, industrial cleaning and personal care markets, among others.
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Hayabusa Fightwear is a premier developer and manufacturer of sports equipment and related products for the fitness and Mixed Martial Arts market.
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Arcadia Hospice is a best-in-class provider of hospice and palliative care services to patients across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States markets.
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The information provided herein, including any information regarding Carmelina’s current and historical investments, should not be considered a recommendation of any security or investment, nor serves as an indication of the performance of such investments. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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