Carmelina Capital Partners | Partnership Approach
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Partnership Approach

How We Are Different

At Carmelina Capital Partners, we specialize in situations where traditional investment firms struggle. We listen carefully to your business needs, seek to understand your objectives and provide flexible and creative solutions to achieve your goals.
  • True Business Partner Approach

  • Believe in Current Management

  • Flexible Transaction Structures

  • Minority or Majority Investments

  • Provide Resources to Enable Growth

  • Flexible Investment Horizon

  • Complete Discretion

  • Deal-by-deal Mentality

  • Replacement of Management

  • Rigid Transaction Structures

  • Institutional Bureaucracy

  • Constraining Debt Levels

  • Short Term Investment Horizon

  • Your Business is Shown to the World

Typical Partner Profile

Carmelina specializes in helping founder-led businesses reach their full potential. Although every situation is different, there are some commonalities among our partners.
Founder-Led Business

We are a business partner to founders to help them achieve their vision and the full potential of their company.

Leader in an Industry

We expect to partner with the experts – companies that are doing things differently and better than the competition.

Scalable Business Model

We love companies with sustainable competitive advantages and an understanding of how they can use those advantages to generate exceptional value.

Good People

Life is too short to not work with good people - our partners consistently exhibit integrity and are genuinely excited about growing their businesses.

Strong Financial Metrics

We typically invest in companies that generate between $10 - $100 million in revenue and $4 - $10 million in EBITDA. Our partners deliver healthy margins, favorable working capital dynamics, manageable capital expenditures, and a history of growth.

Flexible Partnerships

We like to be a partner, not an outright owner. That means that we don’t do full buy-outs. We typically purchase 25% to 70% of a company because we want to partner with a great operator who wants to stay engaged and aligned.

To Learn More About Working Together, Please Get in Touch with Us