Carmelina Capital Partners | Capital and Strategy for Exceptional Founder-Led Businesses
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Deliberate Capital

We are a private investment firm that only partners with companies where we can make a difference. We provide capital to fund:
Organic growth or strategic acquisitions
Succession planning in family businesses
Buyouts of passive shareholders
Diversification of an owner’s wealth through a partial sale

We Are More Than Just Capital

Successful partnerships require a shared vision of the future. If we partner with you, it means that we are 100% committed to your vision and believe we can play a valuable role in achieving it.

Carmelina is both a business partner and
board level advisor.

We specialize in situations where
traditional investment firms struggle.

We work alongside operating partners to
approach strategic & operational issues.

We are always looking for opportunities to share our team’s experience and resources with company owners who want to expand their business and accelerate growth.

To Learn More About Working Together, Please Get in Touch with Us